GoFlour Bakery

Every Flavour Has A Story MEET GOHAR

Gohar Shahzadi

Lovingly named Gohar Shahzadi by her parents, an idyllic childhood did not prepare her for the many tragedies that have befallen her in adulthood.

She lost her 20 year old daughter to a fatal illness, a loss that shook her to her core and brought on depression and diabetes. Soon after, her husband had a stroke and was paralysed; resulting in the loss of his job.

Although he has almost completely recovered, one of his arms is still not fully functional, and the loss of earnings has been extremely hard on the family.

This situation prompted Gohar to enrol in a small culinary institute, where she felt she didn’t learn much (as they were short on offering practical experience), but was lucky enough to land a job managing the kitchen inventory.

When she heard about GoFlour from a friend, she immediately approached us and was keen to join.

Since then, she has become a valuable member of our Cakes team and has even inspired her husband to set up a small canteen in a local college, where she helps out part time.

The confidence and personal development skills she has picked up at GoFlour will keep on inspiring her to better and bigger things.

Baking A Difference MEET MEHWISH


Another ‘graduate’ of a small, ill equipped local culinary institute; Mehwish, at 23, has worked in a number of restaurant kitchens, gaining experience, but not without a price to pay.

Sexual harassment is so common in the male dominated hospitality industry that female turnover is extremely high, with few sticking in one place long enough to climb up the ranks.

Unfortunately there is no recourse available, and many women prefer to leave rather than report their complaints to higher management.

At GoFlour, Mehwish has bloomed safely, in the knowledge that there is no chance of such incidents stopping her from learning and building on her skills.

Her confidence has grown and she is now the Trainee Supervisor, helping others to also gain skills with courage and determination.